Top Motorcycle Apparel Ideas for Holiday Gifts

One of the things that all motorcyclists appreciate as gifts is motorcycle apparel. Whether it is to have a full selection of weather appropriate gear or simply a way to personalize the riding experience without modifying their ride, there are apparel choices for riders of all types of motorcycles and as far as gifts go, they are a winner. For most riders, there are pieces that they don’t know about or typically wouldn’t buy for themselves but would appreciate should someone else get them for them. These are the top motorcycle apparel gift ideas:

Winter Gear

Many motorcyclists just winterize their motorcycles because they think that cold weather riding is impossible; even when there are plenty of days with crisp mornings that end up being beautiful riding days by mid-day. Help your favorite motorcyclist beat the cold with some items from our winter weather gear department. Items range from inexpensive items like a neoprene face mask to battery powered heated gloves, jackets, pants and socks.


Motorcycle footwear comes in styles and colors that will match any style of bike or look that a person wants while riding. They make gifts as well because many riders simply don’t want to worry about the cost of a new pair of riding boots when the old ones, while worn, are working just fine. However, the look and feel of a new pair of motorcycle boots makes them an excellent and thoughtful gift that will be worn on the bike and off.


Most motorcyclists own at least a couple pairs of gloves. Different riding situations require different gloves and often times the motorcyclist will choose to do without rather than wear the wrong type of gloves. Hot days are especially an issue, requiring specialized gloves and this is a time when most motorcyclists simply choose to not wear any, disregarding the safety and protection a pair of quality motorcycle gloves provide. While it may be a holiday gift, a pair of mesh gloves designed for summer use make a thoughtful motorcycle apparel gift that will ultimately get used for years to come.

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