Work on your Motorcycle while it is Stored

Posted by admin on January 7th, 2011
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For some folks it is simply too cold or icy to take their motorcycle out this winter and they have to store it until the climate becomes more favorable for cruising.  While it is unlucky to have to wait weeks, even months between rides, it does give those who are winterizing their motorcycle a unique chance to work on their bike uninterrupted.  So, this is now an ideal time to get your bike up to speed how you would like it tricked out and to do some routine maintenance.  So, check out the motorcycle accessories and tools we carry to make sure you are well equipped to work on your bike this winter.

Battery chargers and battery gauges are great items to have in any garage.  A battery gauge will show you how low your battery is so you are never left stranded on a low charge.  If you see the charge dwindling, though, a battery charger is the ideal solution; both are affordable and a great addition to your garage. 

Various gauges, clocks, grips, cup holders, speakers and other handlebar accessories are very convenient and add some interest to your bike.  This is the perfect time to add some of these items if you do not already have them.  Most of these items are really easy to install and will only take a short time yet add a lot to your bike.

If you want your bike to really attract attention, try adding some chrome accessories to your bike.  Replace your stock motorcycle parts with chrome and your bike will really shine.  Now is the perfect time to do it!

Of course, you cannot work on your bike at all without the proper tools.  Ensuring you have the right tool for the job will make all repairs and maintenance easy.  They are handy to have when you want to add parts but there are also tools perfect to carry with you in case of emergency.  If you need to make a quick repair while on a ride a compact tool set will make your life a lot easier and possibly save you money too when you do it yourself.

It’s the Perfect Time for Cold Weather Gear

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Now that the holidays are nearly over, you may start thinking about taking a relaxing jaunt on your motorcycle. But even in the mildest of climates, it can still be a bit chilly out there! Don’t forego the enjoyment of riding just because it is a little cold out. Instead, make sure you have plenty of cold weather motorcycle gear to keep you warm during your ride. This is the perfect time to inventory the items you have and fill in the gaps. Heated grips, heated clothing and head to toe protection are great ideas to make sure you have a barrier against the bite of the cold wind this winter. Check out our sales and specials and get geared up today!

Get Everything You Did Not Get For the Holidays

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At BikerHiway we hope you had a great holiday and got everything you wanted. But if you did not get everything that was on your motorcycle gift wish list, this is a great time to fill in the gaps. We still have great sales going on so you should hurry and get everything that was on your wish list so you have new motorcycle accessories, tools and apparel for the coming year. There is no better way to start off the New Year than to get your bike and the rider on it tricked out perfectly! Check out the sales we have going on and indulge in a treat for yourself!

Enjoy your ride with sound

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One of the greatest aspects of riding is watching the surroundings as it passes by when you are on a long ride. The serenity of the area may be good for most, but for others it is enhanced by their preferred music. For those who use their motorcycle as the means for a daily commute to and from work or school, the drive time may not be quite as nice as when on a lengthy scenic route. The way to drown out most of the frustrating city noise is to have a great music system installed on your bike. From classical to rap, you can listen to whatever you please and increase your satisfaction of the ride. This holiday period give the reward of tunes to the motorcycle enthusiast in your life. There are some excellent means to do this too!

MotoComm Thumper 1 Motorcycle Helmet MP3 Speakers are a great gift for just about anyone you know who rides a motorcycle. They are an inexpensive gift so are perfect for friends and coworkers who you may want to watch your budget on. They are also compact so fit perfectly into a stocking for that extra little something from Santa. The speakers fit easily into a helmet and attach to an MP3 player, CD player or satellite radio. Whether riding down the road on a long scenic drive or trying to drown out the boring sounds of the city on your daily commute, these helmet speakers will do the trick.

If you want to impress a little more, choose Kuryakyn The Sound of Chrome Speakers for just over $350. They are easy to install and will look great on a bike. So, not only will they provide great music but will add some bling to the bike also. Most motorcyclists won’t turn down the chance to add a bit of chrome to their ride. They swivel for maximum sound enjoyment plus have a noise purifier built in so the sound is as clear as possible. It works with all personal music players including MP3 and CD players as well as satellite radio.

When looking for the perfect motorcycle gift for the motorcycle rider in your life, consider giving the gift of music. Spruce up their bike with some tunes. You can choose a budget solution or go all out depending on your needs. But whatever your choice, the rider will enjoy their time on their bike even better when they can rock down the road.

Don’t Forget Motorcycle Stocking Stuffers

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If you have friends, family or coworkers who ride motorcycles and you need to buy a holiday gift for this season, don’t forget the stocking stuffers! You don’t have to have a large gift wrapped present to give a motorcycle gift. There are plenty of smaller gifts perfect for popping in the stocking. Roll up a face mask and put it in a stocking to keep a motorcyclist warm this winter. DVD’s to enhance riding skills fit perfectly in a stocking. Also, motorcycle gadgets, motorcycle accessories and tool kits are perfect compact items that will fit into a stocking perfectly. There are plenty of items that won’t take up a lot of room but make perfect motorcycle gifts as stocking stuffers this holiday!

Encourage Friends and Family to Start Riding

Posted by admin on December 6th, 2010

Are you a motorcycle rider who wants to have a little company? For your friends and family who have shown an interest in motorcycle riding, this holiday is the perfect time to encourage it. Motorcycle riding is great fun and this holiday is the perfect time to encourage friends and family who want to start riding. Get them a book or DVD on motorcycle safety and riding tips to get them started. Or, get them their first pieces of motorcycle equipment they will need to get started. A helmet, gloves, boots or riding jacket are great ideas for gifts for the beginning rider and it may just give them the nudge they need to get riding!

Make Your Holiday Gift Lists Before Shopping

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The holiday season can be quite confusing with all the friends, family and coworkers you need to buy gifts for. Make sure you make a list of everyone you need to shop for to stay organized. Once you have your list, check off all the people in your life who ride motorcycles. Motorcycle gifts are a great idea for those who ride. There are a number of accessories, books, apparel and tools that can be purchased. Plus, you can choose motorcycle gifts for every budget. Make a grand statement by buying the perfect motorcycle leather jacket or pick a DVD as a stocking stuffer – whatever suits your needs!

New Motorcycle Gear and New Motorcycle Apparel!

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The holiday season is upon us and it is time to think about gifts for the special people in your life. Friends and family who are motorcycle riders can always use new motorcycle gear and motorcycle apparel. With everyone you need to buy for this holiday season, though, you may want to try to save some money. Don’t forget to check out our Clearance and Closeouts section on the website. You can take advantage of some incredible deals and save money by looking at the last chance merchandise we have for sale. Buy the motorcycle rider on your holiday motorcycle gift list some biker gear and save money too!

Top Motorcycle Apparel Ideas for Holiday Gifts

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One of the things that all motorcyclists appreciate as gifts is motorcycle apparel. Whether it is to have a full selection of weather appropriate gear or simply a way to personalize the riding experience without modifying their ride, there are apparel choices for riders of all types of motorcycles and as far as gifts go, they are a winner. For most riders, there are pieces that they don’t know about or typically wouldn’t buy for themselves but would appreciate should someone else get them for them. These are the top motorcycle apparel gift ideas:

Winter Gear

Many motorcyclists just winterize their motorcycles because they think that cold weather riding is impossible; even when there are plenty of days with crisp mornings that end up being beautiful riding days by mid-day. Help your favorite motorcyclist beat the cold with some items from our winter weather gear department. Items range from inexpensive items like a neoprene face mask to battery powered heated gloves, jackets, pants and socks.


Motorcycle footwear comes in styles and colors that will match any style of bike or look that a person wants while riding. They make gifts as well because many riders simply don’t want to worry about the cost of a new pair of riding boots when the old ones, while worn, are working just fine. However, the look and feel of a new pair of motorcycle boots makes them an excellent and thoughtful gift that will be worn on the bike and off.


Most motorcyclists own at least a couple pairs of gloves. Different riding situations require different gloves and often times the motorcyclist will choose to do without rather than wear the wrong type of gloves. Hot days are especially an issue, requiring specialized gloves and this is a time when most motorcyclists simply choose to not wear any, disregarding the safety and protection a pair of quality motorcycle gloves provide. While it may be a holiday gift, a pair of mesh gloves designed for summer use make a thoughtful motorcycle apparel gift that will ultimately get used for years to come.

Books and DVD’s Make Great Gifts

Posted by admin on December 6th, 2010

If you are looking for a gift idea for the motorcycle rider in your life, consider buying books and DVD’s. Everyone appreciates getting a great gift that pertains to their favorite pastime and motorcycle riders are no different. You don’t need to know a bike rider’s size, needs or bike type so books and DVD’s are the perfect gift to buy. We have a great selection of books and DVD’s designed to accommodate all types of riders from the weekend warrior to the daily rider. The motorcycle books and DVDs focus on motorcycle safety and riding tips to improve motorcycle riding skills. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers!